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of the of guatemala's pacific coast. it is also -- was also felt in el salvador and mexico. days of relentless rain have left more than two-thirds of the libyan -- italian city of venice submerged. thousands have been forced to flee. 70% of venice has been flooded, and more than 200 people evacuated from their homes in tuscany because of severe weather. a combination of the heavy rains and strong winds did caused the flooding and many have been evacuated from the area. let's talk to alan johnston and has been covering this from rome. what are you hearing there? >> this is a kind of year when dennis knows it must brace for flooding. this is a time of year for these weeks in autumn, where large, high tide surges through the city on occasion quite commonly. but what we have seen over the last 24 hours has been something extraordinary. the six highest tides since records began back about 130 years ago. at one point, as he said, 70% of venice was under water yesterday. strong, southerly winds coming up the adriatic, driving mass of water into venice's lagoon. and torrential rain across a large swath of
to the election, there was not a single question about poverty in the last el obama and mccain. >> middle-class, middle class, middle-class. tavis: you cannot read this book without understanding how history has played out with this divide, this growing divide between the have doubts and the have nots. >> much of the -- with the have- gots and the have-nots. >> the worrying greece, the civil war in greece, turkey, all of this comes up and its chairman in the face and he takes the british point of view it and we become a colonial supporter, in vietnam, in china -- it is a very strange policy that we take. we don't act for the arab world. we move in a direction that is essentially the core of the world. that gets worse in the 1950's when gillis and eisenhower come into power. and it is repeated in these countries. >> even in the united states, you have this gap. the top 1% of americans, the top richest 1% have more wealth than the bottom 90%. the six heirs to the walmart fortune, $90 billion, that is equivalent to the lowest 30% of americans and this is getting worse. that is part of the re
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2